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Putting the luxury in luxury home plans

by Donna Coakley-Mcgowan 06/05/2024

Have you ever wondered what makes luxury home plans so luxurious? While the term “luxury” is used liberally in the real estate world to add prestige to listings and careers, it also refers to some specific architectural and design factors.

Even though there is no specific definition of a luxury home, here are some of the characteristics that you can use to recognize a luxury house plan:


When you encounter a luxury listing on the market, you know the price will be higher than houses nearby. Prices vary by location, but can be anywhere from $500,000 to $3 million higher than average listings.


Luxury houses tend to be large, boasting floor plans with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and bonus living space. More square footage fetches a higher price and property value, but also gives some luxury floor plans a specific palatial appeal. It’s also common for a luxury house to include a guest house or in-law suite for hosting guests and visiting loved ones.


Luxury house plans tend to be in the most heavily desired locations. Some luxury homes might be in special or remote areas, like private beach fronts and city overlooks. In densely populated metropolitan areas and big cities, you’ll often find luxury condominiums and townhouses topping magnificent skyscrapers.


Building materials are another key to defining a luxury home plan. Luxury homes use only the finest and highest quality materials for interior and exterior features. Marble, tropical hardwoods and Venetian plaster rank among the most popular options for luxury building.


One of the most exciting and easily recognized aspects of luxury house plans is the presence of amazing modern amenities. From pure convenience to pure enjoyment, a luxury home truly has everything. Think full in-home theaters, gourmet kitchens, Olympic-sized swimming pools, private sports courts and expansive multi-car garages.

If you’re in the market for a luxury house, it’s important to know exactly what “luxury” means. These characteristics of luxury home plans are some of the most sought-after features in the real estate world. However, everybody’s dream home is different, and it’s crucial to decide what your personal definition of luxury might be.

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