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Exciting home crafts that won't break the bank

by Donna Coakley-Mcgowan 01/31/2024

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Ready to add a some personal style to your home? There are many simple and affordable craft projects you can do at home to add freshness to your space. 

From repurposing unused items to creating something entirely new, there’s sure to be a perfect DIY project for your home.  

Repurpose an old glass vase

Need more storage space? If you have old glass vases, you’re in luck! Start this charming craft project by finding cloth, stickers and decorations you would like to adhere to the glass surface. 

You can use glue or adhesive tape to secure your decorations to the vase. Once you have decorated your old vases, you can use them to store small items or as lovely centerpieces for your tables. 

Tissue paper flowers & other antiqued wall decor

Creating tissue paper flowers is a fun and affordable way to decorate your home all year round. This project takes just a few minutes and craft supplies you might already have at home. You can use old gift wrapping paper or crêpe paper along with scissors and crafting wire. 

You can mix and match different shades of flowers and switch them out to fit the season or theme of your decor. 

 If artwork with a vintage appeal fits your aesthetic, try using acrylic paint to create an abstract wall paining. With this paint style, you add different darker and more subtle shades to a canvas, creating levels of hues and texture. This artwork gives your wall an antiqued appeal without having to pay big bucks for older art pieces. 

Bust out the sewing machine & the crafting supplies

If you enjoy sewing, consider making your own fabric drink coasters. Cloth coasters are washable and can be sewn together quickly. You can sew these coasters into a traditional shape, such as a circle or square. However, you can mix things up with other shapes, like hexagons or stars.

Other home crafts

If you would like to add some pizzazz to your mirror frame, try attaching jute twine rope around the wall of your mirror to create abstract art. You’ll need wall tacks to keep the twine in place. 

You can find all the tools and supplies for this project at your local craft or hobby store.  

If you’re ready to stretch your creativity and DIY skills, keep these simple and affordable projects in mind. You’ll be surprised at how much of an impact even the simplest personal touches can make. 

About the Author

Donna Coakley-Mcgowan

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